300 Glassback lets the sun shine in

Well, Glassback has a better ring than "big ol' moonroof". Either way, Classic Design Concepts of Novi, MI came up with a slick way to augment the light coming through the 300's gun-slit sideglass. CDC's SEMA-award winning mod installs a piece of metallized glass where once there was only metal. Harking back to the '58 Eldorado, a stainless overlay covers the little bit of roof left. Rounding out the change from 300 to Glassback is CDC's Stainless Effects body kit. There's a new chin spoiler, rockers, a bit for the decklid that proudly announces Glassback, as well as other bits of brightwork.

Beyond style, there are a couple of real-world benefits to the glass roof. First, the Vanceva® glass panel attenuates noise in the 1000-6000Hz range by up to six decibels. That's a lot, as dBs are a logarithmic measure, so six dB is twice as quiet as a standard as a metal roof. That 1-6K frequency range just happens to be where a lot of voice action occurs, so conversations inside your Glassback will be easier. The glass is also excellent at blocking out UV and Infrared radiation, due to it's metallic layers. You'll have nearly the same experience as a convertible, without the noise, or the sunburn on your melon. You may have to rumble up the exhaust a bit to get through that noise attenuation, but that's nothing a couple Flowmasters can't handle.

Thanks for the tip, Jason!

[Source: CDC]

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