What would you pay for a C30? Volvo's interested.

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Volvo is taking an interesting tack to gauge consumer interest in its new hatch, the C30. According to Automotive News, the automaker is allowing visitors to the C30's site to configure their ride as desired, and then is quoting them a price. However, that price fluxuates depending on when you visit.

AutoNews' example involved both the base model and a fully loaded version, with the former coming in on March 8th at $24,970, while the latter's price was $28,270. Checking back six days later, on March 14th, prices had dropped to $21,565 for the base model and $24,415 for its fully optioned sibling.

Volvo's intention is to determine what potential buyers are willing to pay and how many vehicles they should ship to the States. Since the C30 is a slight departure from the automaker's conventional offerings, Volvo wants to get the right mix before making a commitment to a set number of vehicles.

While the rationale behind this move has its merits, we're a bit unsure as to whether such a tactic is particularly smart when launching a new model, as it may merely confuse consumers before they even have a chance to seriously consider the product.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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