VIDEO: Driver posts shortest time on Nrburgring - 7 seconds before disaster

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This is just the video we were looking to end the week with. It reminds us that whatever's going wrong in our lives, at least we're not this guy. According to this video's description on YouTube (which you'll have to visit to view the video since the uploader disabled the ability to embed it), two guys from Manchester, England drove their BMW 525 all the way to Germany's famous Nürburgring just to run it on the Nordschleife. Their adventure lasted just seven seconds before the driver lost control of the car on the damp track and crashed.

The Nordschleife is opened up to the public on weekends for a fee, and any road worthy car is allowed to answer the Ring's call. Unfortunately, while the car may be worthy of the track, often the driver isn't. Note the muffin and Snickers bar on this guy's dash.

[Source: YouTube]

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