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The 280 MPH streamlined Acabion GTBO

Here is a vehicle which is expected to be able to reach 450 kilometers per hour, or about 280 miles per hour, and accelerate to 400 kilometers per hour, or about 250 miles per hour, in 20 seconds. This performance comes courtesy of a 700-horsepower turbocharged engine and swoopy, streamlined bodywork. The Acabion GTBO is the work of a Swiss company, and it's planning on putting them on the street; 26 of them in the next four years to be exact.

The outrigger wheels on the sides of the machine do what a motorcycle riders legs usually do, namely, keep the vehicle upright under low speed, and retract when the vehicle is moving fast enough to remain stable. The power-to-weight ratio handily beats vehicles such as the Koenigsegg CCXR, Pagani Zonda F and Bugatti Veyron, and compares quite well with current F1 cars and Moto GP motorcycles. We'd like to drive one, maybe not all the way to 280 mph, but drive one nonetheless.

[Source: Gizmag]

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