Mark Fields to white-collar crew: "How do you feel?"

If you are still here after seeing your friends and colleagues pink-slipped (or encouraged to take buyouts or early retirement), then we want to know how you're feeling. That was the basic message sent to Ford's white-collar workers today by Ford's President of the Americas Mark Fields. Top Ford managers received an email from Fields along with Ford's quarterly Employee Engagement Surveys. According to The Detroit Free Press (Freep), the e-mail also discussed Ford's new Way Forward portal online and changes to employee benefits, but it mainly dealt with the anonymous surveys. Fields apparently "strongly encouraged" managers to get workers to fill out the surveys by March 28.
Fields pointed out that the results will help Ford understand the views of employees on the issues covered, so management can better shape future plans and the company can "move forward as a team." Although 6,000 of its 48,000 salaried workers have left Ford since February, those who are still on the job might show a different attitude towards Ford's future.

[Source: Freep]

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