What could be done to green up RV's? Here are Coachmen's ideas.

RV's, or recreational vehicles if you prefer, are a very popular means of transportation, especially when vacation time rolls around. I can remember taking family vacations to such destinations as the Smoky Mountains in our family's own RV. But, as highlighted in this article, RV's in general are built with little mind to environmental concerns. Hazardous plastics and chemicals go into the production of RV's.
What could be done to help them "green up" their act? Coachmen, a large company which builds RV's, has two technologies in mind. The first is to power the diesel engine with biodiesel. A good first step, right? The second is to add solar panels to the roof of the vehicle to charge the on-board batteries which power accessories. At this time, a portable generator is the preferred method of battery charging. Sounds like a pretty good second step. As the writer points out, these technologies are already proven effective, so, why would Coachmen need to do a "tremendous amount of testing" before implementing them? Oh well, we can hope that the testing takes place in a timely fashion.

[Source: The Red Post]

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