That is one sharp Maserati

click above pic to view additional images of this one-of-a-kind "Shattered Glass" Maserati Quattroporte

They say that the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder, and we're torn between thinking the work of Italian artist Luca Pancrazzi shown here is jaw-dropping cool or tear-shedding sad. C'mon, it's a Maserati Quattroporte covered with 1,763 lbs. of shattered glass – truly a sight one does not see every day. But it's also an exquisite Italian luxury sedan sacrificed at the alter of modern art. The piece currently sits outside the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and welcomes guests to the second Moscow Art Biennale that runs from March 1st through April 1st.

[Source: Domusweb via CarScoop]

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