Clarkson confirms he and Top Gear will return

Jeremy Clarkson has laid to rest rumors that either he or Top Gear itself would not be returning for another season. During yesterday's show, which is the last for the current series, Clarkson said, "Everyone seems to think the programme is finished or that I've left. Well, sorry to disappoint you all but it isn't and I haven't. Top Gear... will be back in the autumn."
The rumor spread after Clarkson contradicted a BBC announcer's claim that a Top Gear "summer special" was in the works and that the show would return in the fall. Clarkson turned the rumor mill's key when he said in his column, "After last week's Top Gear, the continuity announcer said the show would be back in the summer. Can I just say, here and now, it won't be."

Most are now assuming that Clarkson is simply claiming that there won't be a summer special for the show, but that it will return, with Clarkson in tow, next fall.

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