Enter the (British) rumormill: Clarkson leaving Top Gear?

Our new friend from Down Under, KP, dropped us a link to a post in the online edition of Wheels magazine, which asserts that Clarkson may not return to Top Gear for the next season. The report stems from an article in The Times, where Jezza hinted to his departure from the show by saying that, "After last week's Top Gear, the continuity announcer said the show would be back in the summer. Can I just say, here and now, it won't be."

Whether or not this was an overture to Clarkson's imminent departure or possibly his contention that the show's production schedule wouldn't allow a summer return is open to debate. Regardless, a BBC spokesman said that a "summer special" is set to be released and that Top Gear will make a comeback sometime in the fall.

On an aside: if you had the chance to watch the last episode of Top Gear, with its highly controversial dyno test of the GT500 and the practically self parodying limo skit, it's apparent that the show has made a sharp departure from its original purpose. While some maintain that this has added to the shows popularity, others have expressed their displeasure, saying that the only great automotive show has fallen dangerously off course.

Your thoughts, as always, are welcomed in comments.

[Sources: Wheelsmag.com.au, TimesOnline.co.uk]

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