A moment of silence, please: NISMO R34 GT-R Z-tune sales officially end

And so, this is how it ends. The final Super Godzilla Specification R34 GT-R (a.k.a. the Z-tune) has finished its run. Initially intended to be a 20-car series, NISMO issued a press release last week announcing that in addition to the two cars finished in "NISMO R34 GT-R Z-tune Proto" trim, a smaller-than-intended group of cars was completed at the final customer Z-tune level due to difficulties finding appropriate R34 GT-R source vehicles. As such, the final run of Z-tunes, including the two prototypes, was limited to a grand total of 19.

Most remained in Japan, but a handful were exported (NISMO mentions Australia specifically), and the final deliveries are scheduled to take place in the immediate future (if they haven't already happened). This effectively closes the book on the R34, which is revered the world over by enthusiasts (and Gran Turismo players) of every stripe.

The next GT-R drops the Skyline moniker entirely, becoming a separate car in Nissan's lineup, and we'll finally see the finished product in Tokyo later this year. In the meantime, NISMO's keeping busy with a new hotted-up Z-car, and we have a feeling that they'll cook up something really tasty when the 2009 GT-R finally hits the scene.

Until then, follow the jump for a YouTube oldie-but-goodie, showing one of the two Z-tune Protos lapping the 'Ring at ludicrous speed. Long live the R34 GT-R!

[Sources: NISMO, YouTube]

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