Transformers family portrait released by studio

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Before the new Transformers movie opens on July 4th, the film's producers thought it would be a good idea to round up the cast and take a friendly family portrait before all hell breaks loose and it's robot against robot. Let's see, we've got Optimus Prime on the far left sporting his new flames (uggo), Ironhide and Ratchet in the middle, and Barricade on the far right. The front row is, of course, occupied by Bumblebee and Jazz. That guy in the back? Oh, that's Starscream, a.k.a. an F-22 Raptor. You don't really want to mess with him. Clearly you want this as your desktop wallpaper, and we're happy to oblige. This image and the ones below in our high-res gallery are currently watermarked, though we're in contact with Paramount to get you the full, unadulterated versions real soon.

[Source: TFW2005]
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