Enter the rumormill: 500HP Infiniti G37 twin-turbo on tap for 2010

May we first present to you a grain of salt, which you should take with what we're about to say. A comment left on an earlier post today confirming the G37 Coupe's new name led us to the Freshalloy forums where a member had recently posted some tantalizing information.
The Freshalloy forum member relays information he obtained from the owner of his local Nissan/Infiniti dealership that includes not only confirmation of the new G37 name four days before today's official announcement, but also speculation that the larger engine will produce 325 horsepower "out of the box". On a follow up visit, the forum member learned that a possible 330-hp variant of the G37 is also currently being tested at sea level. Finally, the owner said that the new G37 will be in dealerships this summer around July or August.

The real nugget of speculation that interests us, however, is the possibility that Infiniti will produce an all-wheel drive, twin-turbocharged version of the G37 in 2010 that will produce 500 horsepower. Such a car sounds a lot like the Nissan GT-R, the first production Skyline ever to be sold in the U.S. Even though this news come from a forum post written by a guy who talked to some dealer, and its validity can in no way be confirmed at this time, we have to admit that it makes sense to us.

We're well aware that Infiniti dealers were not happy when one Carlos Ghosn announced the GT-R would be badged a Nissan, so an ultra high-performance version of the G37 is one relatively easy way to appease those dealers. We also presume that the G37 Coupe and GT-R will share a good deal of hardware, which makes us wonder if the GT-R's powerplant will turn out to be a twin-turbo version of the G37's 3.7L VQ V6, rather than the 3.5L version. That would certainly explain the blistering lap times a prototype was turning at Laguna Seca last month.

Oh yeah, the dealer is expecting a G37 convertible in 2009. You may now exit the rumormill.

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