These pages have raised concerns in the past when different directions of alternative fuel research would criticize their counterparts. Ethanol interests beat up on biodiesel, wind and solar say they're better than anybody. Most of this back-stabbing comes under the guise of seeking money. By denigrating a competing technology, you might stand a better chance of winning a grant or securing investors.

Now competing and neighboring canola (shown above) associations are in a spitting contest over the name "biola" as it applies to biodiesel fuel. Yes, yes; so let's all go to court and spend money on trademark lawyers instead of engineers.

The Associated Press story quotes the competing parties in a rather congenial manner right now. But it won't be long before the lawyers convince their clients to file lawsuits and association members will have to foot the legal tab.

There's a possibility that the two groups could share the trademark. Let's pray they reach an agreement soon and draw positive attention to their causes.

[Source: Associated Press via West Central Tribune]

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