Magna confirms interest in Chrysler, visits Auburn Hills

The ups and downs of the rumored Chrysler sale are a better soap opera than NASCAR.
Now, Magna International, one of the reported suitors, has confirmed that the supplier is interested in exploring the purchase of the Chrysler group and has recently met with officials at the automaker. The main reason for the small fish eating the big fish would be mutual preservation. By propping up Chrysler, Magna keeps one of their large customers humming, and the continuation of contracts will keep Magna employees busy.

Other companies are exploring the option of acquiring Chrysler, as well. Private capital firms the Blackstone Group and Cerberus Capital Management have paid visits to Auburn Hills recently, and General Motors has reportedly been examining the possibility of a lash-up, as well. We hope that GM has decided not to move forward, as there are seemingly more overlaps than synergies between the two automakers, and we worry for the future of jobs, platforms, plants and workers should the very strange marriage between two of the Big Three goes forward.

[Source: Detroit News]

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