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Geneva Motor Show: Audi A5 and S5 live gallery

Click the image above for 36 live shots from the Geneva Auto Show floor.

Admittedly, we're a little behind on providing you with live pics of Audi's newest odd numbered hotness, Better late than never, right?

Seeing the A5 and its V8-powered sibling, the S5, up close and personal didn't do much to change our opinion of the newest entrants to the sport coupe segment. Both are handsome machines with angles and curves in all the right places, and this application of Audi's goatee grille is likely the best outside the A8. But invariably, they may seem to lack the emotion some need when shopping for an upscale two door. That said, we have little doubt that this will be one of the quad-ring's more popular models and we're totally okay with seeing them overpopulate the parking lots of upscale joints across the globe.

Our live gallery is accessible below and be sure to check out our original post with all the details and press pics of the new A5 and S5.
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