Geneva Motor Show: Tata Elegante

click above image to view more angles of the Tata Elegante

Tata, India's largest automaker, arrived at this year's Geneva Motor Show with the Elegante sedan in hand. Though many are not familiar with Tata's lineup, those who are were hoping the Elegante would be revealed as a replacement for the Indigo sedan and Indica hatchback, tiny little four-doors lacking in both personality and power. Well, as it turns out, the Elegante is not their replacement, but word is its design cues will end up in the next generation Indigo and Indica. Speaking of its design, if you stare at the Elegante long enough, you'll begin to see what appears to be the offspring of the U.S. market Ford Focus and Toyota Avalon, which is why we suggest not staring at it too long. The general proportions of the Elegante are done well, but the giant fender flares and obnoxiously large air intakes in the front bumper don't seem to match this concept's econocar vibe. We haven't discovered what powers the Elegante either, though it's rumored the car could support both four- and small six-cylinder engines.

[Source: Autoblog Spanish]

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