Geneva 2008 Preview: Morgan LifeCar fuel cell concept

Press previews for the 2007 Geneva Motor Show have barely wrapped up and we're already getting the first preview for the 2008 show. Morgan is a company that is not renowned for being on the cutting edge of anything. In fact, they are closer to being in the rocks and sticks domain. Aside from the funky looking Aero 8, most of the cars don't look much different than they did in the 1930s. In 2005 they announced a project called LifeCar (high-res non-final concept pics here) in cooperation with Oscar Automotive, Cranfield University, QinetiQ, Oxford University, and Linde AG.

Morgan has now released a rendering of the final version of the LifeCar concept that they are going to unveil next March in Geneva. The LifeCar is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and one of the goals of the project is minimize the cost of the fuel cell system and get a range of at least 200 miles. The car still has the classic Morgan proportions and even has more traditional looking headlights than the Aero 8. Overall it looks like a mashup of
a 1930s Morgan and something from Blade Runner. We only have to wait a year to see the real thing.

[Source: Morgan]

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