Geneva Motor Show: Citroen's six-wheeled beast - the Cruise Crosser

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When we previewed the Citroën Cruise Crosser earlier in the week, we didn't have a whole lot of info on the orange beastie. Since the show's begun, however, we're able to add more. A joint effort between Citroën and the Espera Sbarro School, the Cruise Crosser is a vehicle designed to traverse harsh terrain with ease. Presumably, the vehicle's first and second axles can operate in a 4x4 mode (not an unreasonable expectation, since the new C-Crosser SUV is the basis for this show car). When the going gets rough, the electrically-powered third axle can be engaged to help get the Crosser out of trouble. That electric motor can also be used as the Crosser's sole propulsion source, giving the rig a true zero-emissions electric-only mode.

Normal motivation comes courtesy of a diesel-electric hybrid drivertrain of unknown displacement and power, but it can't be a slouch if it has to move this thing around. The interior (for which Citroën provided no photos...thanks, guys) features orange trim and mesh-pattern leather seats in the first two rows. The folding 3rd row from the C-Crosser source vehicle is in there as well, but the interior is really of secondary importance. This is an eye-popping, cool-as-all-get-out show car that really brings out the kid in us. Seriously -- a massive orange six-wheeled pickup truck? Our inner 8-year-old is going bonkers right now.

[Source: Citroën]

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