I choose you, Pokneon! Dodge Neon covered in Pokemon cards

It ain't no nail polish car, but it's definitely unique. What to do if you're a starving college student and your only worldly possession worth anything is a 2003 Dodge Neon? Well, there are those 1,500 Pokemon cards in the closet that you've been saving for some reason. About 25 hours later, the Pokneon (our term, not his) was born.

The seller figures the car itself is worth at least 5 grand. It's an SXT with 94,000 miles, stick shift, A/C, P/W, P/L, CD...even has a certification inspection completed, so maybe $5,000 isn't too far off. But what makes this one so special is also what the seller hopes will draw an additional $2,000 from some Pokefan -- the Pokemon cards, of course. All 1,500 are attached to the bodywork and, if nothing else, should attract a lot more attention than almost any other Neon out there. One note: The seller admits (indirectly) to one oversight in the project. He promises to replace the cards that have washed off in the rain, and even promises to have the whole thing clearcoated if the car reaches its $7,000 reserve. Now that's what we call added value. There's still a week left, but the bidding is only at $611 as of today. Click through for a slideshow and lots of other pics of what the car used to look like. It's eBay item number: 280090012383.

[Source: eBay]

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