Chrysler's Aussie workers build awesome 300C SRT8 Project E490

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In the months leading up to the Melbourne Motor Show, there was apparently a rogue group of Chrysler Australia employees working on a top secret "customer evaluation vehicle project." What they came up with was rolled out at the show as the Chrysler E490. The team took a Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring (what we in the States call a Dodge Magnum) and swapped out the stock wheels, slapped on a (quite tasteful, actually) body package and bolted a cold-air induction system onto the 6.1 liter Hemi. The E490 name is supposed to invoke memories of Australia's legendary Dodge E49 Chargers, though they were V6-powered coupes.

The E490 is quite stunning, and we expect Chrysler Australia will get a good "customer evaluation" from the vehicle. Chrysler Australia estimates the cost of the E490 would be $84,990 AUD if it were offered as an optional package.

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