If you can operate a table saw, you can build your own electric vehicle

If pilots can build a working airplane in their garage, why can't a green enthusiast build his own electric vehicle from the ground up? We're not talking about converting an old S-10 pickup with an electric motor and cargo bed full of batteries. We're talking about building a complete vehicle after a couple trips to your local Lowes home improvement center.

The Jeffrey EV1 is the creation of English car designer George Jeffrey. It's a rear-wheel-drive, monocoque 2-seater that is built mostly of wood. No completed models are shown on the website but plans are being offered for half-off until the end of the month. Very little information is given on the suspension, brakes, wheels and tires, what size motor, type of controller or battery source. It's supposed to go 60 miles on a single charge, have a top speed of 50mph and cost less than $7,500 from start to finish. This car apparently is being marketed to Americans, probably as a NEV. There's no way this could ever get registered for the street, even as a kit car. So we'll keep an eye out to see if and when a finished vehicle debuts. Otherwise, I'll be thinking if I want to build mine in cherry or mahogany.

[Source: electric-cars-plans.com via Auto Industry]

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