Car Talk hams up carbon offset, global warming with TerraPass and NativeEnergy

People often have a love 'em or hate 'em relationship with Click and Clack, the Car Talk brothers on NPR. I happen to like them, but I people who shut off the radio every Saturday just before the two laugh-prone funnymen step to the mic.

Tom and Ray got a little bit serious with Adam Stein, VP for marketing for Terrapass, and Tom Boucher, president and CEO of NativeEnergy, for a talk about carbon offsets and global warming, using business to help solve the global problems other businesses have created, and more. The sometimes low-brow Car Talk humor is in full effect with a flatulence discussion, but the rest of the piece is informative. Tom even leaves a quote suitable for sticking up on an EnergyStar fridge: 'We imagine a world where everyone does well by doing good."
[Source: Car Talk]

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