A match made in heaven: Prodrive bidding for Aston Martin

Though we've had false alarms about the pending sale of Aston Martin before, it now seems as though there may again be a front-runner. Sports racing firm Prodrive, which currently runs the Aston Martin racing team, has been identified by TimesOnline as the leading bidder of the famed British marque. Prodrive's alleged bid of £450 million (USD $875,385,000) would be a big chunk of change for an ultra niche sports car maker like Aston.

Prodrive founder David Richards still needs to secure funding for the potential purchase since British private equity group Apax would not be a participant even though it owns 49% of Prodrive. Ford is already late in announcing an auction winner since it said it would reveal a winner by the end of February.

[Source: TimesOnline]

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