Manliest keychain ever made from testosterone

Fractalspin, the cyber outlet for all things geek, is currently offering one of the manliest keychains ever. What might appear to the casual observer to be just some geometric sculpture, is in fact the male testosterone molecule. Sure the ladies have testosterone as well, but it is principally known as the male sex hormone. For those of us a little rusty on our high school biology, the Fractalspin description tells us that testosterone "plays key roles in health and well-being, including enhanced libido, energy levels, proper immune function, and protection against osteoporosis." But it's that libido bit that gets all the headlines. Cars and sex have often been linked, so perhaps this was inevitable. How many times have we heard expensive sports cars described a way for men to compensate for their...shortcomings?
[Source: Fractalspin]

As our recent piece on Rimblems told us, some people are always interested in letting the outside world know how many inches they're packing. There's also probably a connection for some between wanting to feel a bit manlier and grabbing your car keys to go for a spirited drive. So this keychain, at $22, seems to be a cheap way to add a shot of mojo to your morning commute. Inexplicably, it's only 3" long. Maybe in comparison it will help some guys look bigger in the eyes of their admirers. For those less interested in looking macho, the company also offers caffeine for a morning pick-me-up, and serotonin to instantly put you in a good mood. Check out Fractalspin for more fun stuff. They are even having a sale until St. Patrick's Day - 15% off everything on the site! But it looks like there are a lot of folks needing more mojo. It's on backorder.

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