Rimblems communicate the size of a man's rims

Who says size doesn't matter? We've all had it happen to us. You roll up to an event in your pimped out ride, DUBBED to the fender wells, with every eye on you. You step out and notice to your chagrin, that your admirers are squinting rather than smiling. Your massive wheels are obviously attracting a lot of attention, but the crowd is stumped. They can tell you've supersized your rims, but they can't tell exactly HOW big they are. They all wanna know what you're packing. Are they 20s? 22s? Bigger? Let's not keep them guessing. Why not advertise your investment? Sure it's stamped on the sidewall, but why not announce your measurements in style? Enter Rimblem.

Created by Christopher Harrell, the Rimblem is a tasteful badge you can affix to your fender to let everybody know at a glance what size rims you're running. Starting at $75.00 a pair, the stylish Rimblems come in your choice of chrome, gold, or black pearl finish. Rimblem Inc. is based in Weston, Florida, and offers the Rimblems for wheel sizes 19", 20", 22", 24", 26", and 28". We're fairly certain they'll add larger sizes as they hit the market. Maybe even a 34 for those massive Lexanis we saw at SEMA. While we can appreciate a filled wheel opening as much as the next guy, this trend towards bigger and bigger rims is getting out of hand. Definitely a matter of form over function, we can see the day when the Rimblems will read "stupid big," "satellite dish," and "F@#! unsprung weight."

[Source: Rimblem via Winding Road]

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