Thousands leave Ford's white collar world today

A lot of salaried employees at Ford will probably move into new assignments or take on additional responsibilities this week, as several thousand of their colleagues end their tenures with the Dearborn company today. Many of the 10,000 or so white collar workers that accepted the buyout offers that became available last fall are walking out for the final time as February comes to a close.
Some of the departing workers are not just leaving the company, but also the state. The Michigan brain-drain is continuing as many engineers and other technical professionals are having a hard time finding new jobs here and have decided to depart for warmer climes. That means the already sagging real estate market is also seeing an influx of homes for sale. Hopefully, these cuts will help Ford recover and start growing again, because the economy of this state can't really afford many more large scale head shots.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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