Baby used as down payment for used Dodge Intrepid

Oh baby, we really can't make this stuff up, folks. Pueblo, Colorado police arrested three people on charges of using a 5-month-old baby as a down payment on a car – not even a new car, but a used Dodge Intrepid. A young woman apparently tried to get a car and some cash and only had the baby to offer in exchange. Allegedly, Nicole Uribe gave the baby to Jose-Juan Lerma and his wife, Irene, for the down payment on the car. She also would have received an unspecified amount of cash, in addition to the car. The baby is now in a foster home, while the three suspects sit in a Pueblo jail with bail set at $50,000 each. After being tipped to the exchange on Monday, Police Sgt. Brett Wilson said they had Uribe in custody within hours. The Lermas were arrested Tuesday. All are being held on charges of felony child trafficking.

Thanks for the tip, Paul!

[Source: CNN]

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