California proposes banning consumer sale of R134a refrigerant

Driveway mechanics may not be able to service their own air conditioning systems for much longer. The California Air Resources Board has proposed a ban on consumer sales of R134a refrigerant. Since the replacement of R12 (freon) in the early 1990s, R134a has been the primary refrigerant used in automotive air conditioning systems and until now people have been able to go to auto parts stores and buy cans of it to replenish their systems.
If this passes, people will have to pay dealers or service shops up to $150 to have their systems serviced. A group called "Stay Cool California" has formed to fight the proposed ban. The group wants to educate consumers, hobbyists and auto enthusiasts on the proposed ban and rally people to contact their representatives to kill the proposal. A study by Frost and Sullivan showed that the ban would cost California consumers $167 million and have only a minimal impact on global warming. The group has launched a site at

[Source: TheAutoChannel]

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