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Dongfeng Humvee spotted testing.

Seeing cars and trucks on Chinese roads that bear a striking resemblance to vehicle produced by manufacturers from other countries is nothing new, but the team at China Car Times now has photos of a Humvee clone built by Dongfeng Motors. This isn't a basic GM-built Hummer H3 or H2 clone, but a copy of the original military version right down to the olive drab paint. The only thing that seems to be missing is the seven slot grille that caused Chrysler to sue Hummer several years back. It even appears to have the built in tire inflators on the wheels like the original. Click the read link to go over and see more views.

It appears that at some point Dongfeng tried to do a licensing deal with with AM General and the US company did supply some chassis components to Dongfeng. It's not entirely clear what the current state of any deal between the two companies is and whether the pictured vehicle is licensed or not. A brought up conflicting stories.

[Source: China Car Times]

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