Is this Honda Racing F1's new livery?

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UPDATE: ***Honda has made it official - Click here for info, photos***

Thanks to tipster Joseff, we think the answer is a resounding "YES!" Once again, it appears that the discovery was made by playing with URL strings, in this case, the tinkering took place in the Honda Racing F1 gallery. The photos immediately preceding this one are of the unpainted RA107 undergoing testing (and are featured on the gallery homepage). The Earth-liveried car happens to be the next photo in line, which leads us to believe that the official reveal is coming very soon (this weekend, perhaps?). In any case, we reported that the final look was to be revealed in February, and the month's just about over.

The domain name shown on the car's rear wing is not yet active, but it is registered to 19 Entertainment, which counts American Idol among its numerous endeavours. 19 Entertainment has been hired by Honda to help with the team's marketing efforts, and we're sure that the meaning of the new look will be made clear when the official unveiling takes place.

As we said when BlueOvalNews dug up teaser shots and press releases of the renamed Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable, if your photo is online and is not behind some kind of security, it will be found. A web-savvy person doesn't need to be a detective to see when photos are numbered in sequence. Trying the next ones in line is a logical step.

Joseff, thanks for the tip!

UPDATE: Joseff tells us in the comments that the photo was posted first over at F1 Technical's forums. Thanks for the clarification. The "Read" link at the bottom of the post will bring you to the related F1 Technical thread.

UPDATE 2: More info via the comments. Joe contributes an Auto123 link speculating that Google may be a sponsor. The reveal is apparently set for Monday in London.

[Source: Honda Racing F1 via F1 Technical]
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