RR of the Day: 2000 Audi S4

It's hard not to get all hot and bothered when we see an S4 doing the three-wheeled tango around an autocross course. However, this particular S4 is putting down 387 HP and 445 lb-ft of torque through all four wheels. In addition to such prodigious power figures, the 2.7L twin-turbo'd Audi has been piloted to a number of first place wins under the deft touch of Oliver Licul, an SCCA participant, instructor and Autoblog reader.

The extensive catalog of mods is listed after the jump, along with another photo of Oliver's ride doing its thing, but a few items deserve note. First, the suspension is made up of custom Koni double adjustable coilovers, sporting 800 lb. springs in the front, while 950 lb. springs hold up the rear. All those cushy stock bushings have been swapped out in favor of solid, spherical bearings, along with hollow sway bars fore and aft. Mr. Licul admits that it's still a porker, coming in 600 pounds overweight for its class, but judging from his accomplishments around the cones, he's made up for it with some serious skill behind the wheel (that, and gobs of power).

Check the rest after the jump, plus find out how to submit your own ride to our Flickr pool.


AWE Tuning RSK04 turbo kit
Custom 3.5" cold air intake
Dual 3" downpipes with high flow cats
4" exhaust system - under 93 db
Factory RS4 Intercoolers
Front polyurethane mount
Setrab LARGE oil cooler

Stasis motor mounts and 034 motorsports tranny mounts
Autospeed drivetrain stabilizer
Autospeed Crank pulley
Lightened Flywheel
AWE stage II clutch Kevlar/Ceramic
Custom mounts for rear differential made of delrin
Quaiffe LSD in front
Modified 944T clutch type LSD in rear
STaSiS rebuilt custom short ratio box with 4:1 torsen center diff
Short shift kit
EDL disable switch
Extended stud kit


StopTech 14" slotted (355x32) front brakes w/multiple pad compounds
StaSiS 298x20 rear brake upgrade w/repositioned factory caliper
Braided Stainless lines

TrueChoice Phase 4 - Separate Rebound/Compression adjustment, custom valved and shortened
Various spring rates available along with tender springs
H-Sport Hollow sway bars front and rear, rear adjustable 2 position
Custom heim joint end links for rear sway bar
Both upper links and lower rear link of front suspension have been replaced. fully adjustable camber/caster
and spherical bearing mounts
Front toe link is fully adjustable for toe and bumpsteer
Polyurethane bushings on sway bars
Upper and lower contol arms and custom toe link all replaced with Spherical bearing/bushings
adjustable for toe and camber
Custom tubular reinforcement brace for rear sway bar

Harness bar
2 - Sparco EVO XL seats
AC removed but available to be reinstalled
No Sunroof...very rare option
Simpson driver's side 5 point harness
Custom skid marks on passenger seat...don't know why!

18 x 10.5 CCW wheels with 285/30-18 Kumho V 710 Tires
Carbon Fiber Hood
Front fenders rolled
Rear fenders flared
Hitch installed for tire trailer

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