Priuses polish up a fleet of vehicles in the UK

Notice anything special about the hood of the Prius in the photo above (aside from its prominent placement in the foreground of the photo?). It might be a bit shinier than the hoods of other Priuses, and that's because it now belongs to Premiere Polish Co Ltd., which manufactures and distributes chemicals and machines for commercial and industrial cleaning and maintenance. Switching the company's entire 45-car all-diesel fleet to Priuses would save the company 30 percent of their annual running costs. And the switch has started. Three silver Toyota hybrids have been delivered to Premiere Polish (aka Premiere Products). Premiere Products Assistant Managing Director Andrew Marquand (that's him in the photo) said he hopes the rest of the vehicles will be replaced with hybrids as well.

Premiere Products decided to go all-diesel three years ago, Marquand said, but, "This time round we decided to specify an environmentally-friendly hybrid car, and because of its loadspace the Toyota Prius was the only one fit for our purpose. The environmental benefits are apparent but this is primarily a cost-saving exercise. As a hybrid vehicle, the Prius is reported to be hugely economical in terms of fuel consumption."

[Source: Toyota UK]

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