How about a garage covered in wind turbines with solar windows?

We ran a story a little while ago that talked about a thin-film solar covering that is transparent and can be applied to windows. I thought that perhaps it was possible to use them on the large automotive sunroofs that are popular these days to charge the normal 12-volt battery of the vehicle. But, after I saw this website, I started thinking, why not have a garage with these wind turbines covering the roof and the thin-film solar covering on the windows too? The electricity generated should probably be used to charge batteries that could be used to charge your electric car. If you were to do something like this, the electric vehicle's batteries could be charged quite quickly, depending on the batteries in the car. Many of the newest electric cars, like the Phoenix SUT, the Tesla Roadster and the not-yet-available ZENN car using the EEStor system offer the capability to charge very fast, making the limiting factor the power-source you are charging from. Direct battery to battery charging would be one solution to the problem, and using solar and wind-power would take your car completely off the grid. Any thoughts?

Of course, alternatively, you could do the same thing with solar cells on the roof of the garage. Depending on where you live, one may work better than the other.


[Source: Human Shelter via Hugg]

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