Down Under gets first-ever wrong-hand drive Z06

It's got the same 505 HP, 427 engine as the U.S. Z06, the same 325/30s in back, and, of course, the same 6-speed short throw transmission. But soon after landing on Australia's shores, Performax International gets to work sliding that leather-wrapped wheel from the left side to the right. Sound simple? Um, no.

The crew at Performax must first remove the factory interior, make a completely new dashboard, move the airbags, move the pedals, and put the parking brake nearer the driver's new position. Except for the fender-mounted side indicator lamp just below the Z06 logo, the finished product, as you can see here, looks no different than if it had just rolled out of Bowling Green. Except for the whole steering wheel on the wrong side thing.

Rearranging all the bits and pieces inside a high-end Vette does not come cheap. In the States, a Z06 will cost a minimum of $70,000 MSRP. Buying one in Australia with the steering place on the wrong side will run you about $190,000. Them's American dollars, by the way.

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