Geneva Sneak Peek: Hyundai i30

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Apparently Hyundai has had a hard time keeping its new European C-segment "Focus killer" under wraps, as official shots of the car that we now know will be called the i30 have sprung up all over the interweb. When we hear "i30", we think first-generation entry-level luxury sedan from Infiniti, but the name as it applies to Hyundai's new small car is supposed to invoke the hipness of the iPod, iMac and iPotatoPeeler. Unfortunately, adding an i to your product's name will not make it sell like an iPod, but at least the Hyundai i30 has some safe if not pleasing lines to partake. It does share a passing resemblence to the newish Kia cee'd, which isn't suprising since the cars are based on the same platform and will offer the same engine lineup that includes 1.4L, 1.6L and 2.0L gas engines and a 1.6L and 2.0L CRDi diesel engine. What do you think, should we be start complaining now that we won't get the i30 over here or is the Elantra good enough? Yeah, we don't think it is, either.

[Source: Carscoop]

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