Ever see a two-wheeled car? No, not a motorcycle - a two-wheeled car!

What is the difference between a two-wheeled car and a motorcycle? I am not sure as far as the actual definition goes, but I guess one might say it's the stabilizer wheels of the car that makes it distinctly non-motorcycle-ish. Make sense? No, it doesn't to me either. But, they do exist, and you can find some of them at this site. Some are single-cylinder cars, or "thumpers" as some like to call them, and some even have V8 engines! Does anyone else have any information on these strange vehicles?

As an aside, I was thinking of the Boss Hoss motorcycle while I was looking at these. I have often thought that the only difference between that bike and a car was that it had two wheels. Perhaps somebody should add outrigger wheels to their Boss Hoss and re-invent these two-wheel cars? Perhaps not...

[Source: Monotrace]

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