The real Holy Roller: DUB's crucifx-bedecked Blessinem wheels

Holy Dub! These Blessinem 24s are perfect for the WJWD (What Woud Jesus Drive) crowd: chrome, oversized rims with crosses. We think this might have been one of the things Nostradamus predicted would happen before the end of the world. Can I get an amen?

So who might be interested in letting their wheels do their witnessing? Jerry Falwell? President Bush? Check after the jump to see one logical possibility.

[Source: MHT Wheels via Winding Road]

Back in October, VW gave the Pope a brand new Phaeton, but with only 19s? Aw, heck no. That ain't how the Pope rides. Slap some 24" Blessinems on there, VW. Seriously. That's the Pope in back, in white, by the way.

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