Lemony Fresh: Yokohama uses citrus oil in tires

Yokohama is doing its part to reduce petroleum consumption. Its new Super Nanopower Rubber compound uses a unique brew of citrus oil and natural rubber to cut petroleum in the tire's makeup by 80 whole percent. The Decibel Super E-Spec (they certainly have a knack for catchy names) tires that use the technology will only be available in Japan for now, but there's more to these meats than just less oil. As part of a larger conservation intiative that Yokohama's calling EcoMotion, the E-Specs are designed to save fuel on several fronts.
The new compound that uses far less petroleum is a first step, but the tires also boast a lower rolling resistance by way of reduced weight. There's also an inner liner in the tire to reduce air permeation of the tread compound. This helps keep the air in the tire, and maintains inflation, dodging the fuel consumption increases from underinflated tires. The most pressing question, though, is what do they smell like? There are scented tires on the market already, but we're guessing that these Yokos aren't going to release clouds of fruity smoke when you peel out.

[Source: Yokohama via autoindustry]

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