Kim Jong-il bans Japanese cars in North Korea

If one of us were a bat-crazy dictator, we'd have all sorts of fun issuing nonsensical edicts and impossible-to-follow commands like "Increase the day to 32 hours!" "Make the toilet water flush clockwise!" "Upgrade my computer to Windows Vista!!!" Stuff like that is why we love to hate Kim Jong-il. The North Korean dictator recently decreed that from henceforth all cars of Japanese descent shall be banished from his land. The edict was issued back on January 1st and is thought to be in response to Japan's increasing pressure on North Korea to start flying right when it comes to nuclear arms. The communist country's first nuclear missile test last year ticked off its Nihon neighbors, and since then Japan has increased sanctions against the country. Rumor has it that Kim issued the command after visiting the body of North Korea's first leader, Kim Il-sung, and encountering a broken-down Japanese car blocking the road.
The linked report reveals that Kim may not get his wish of a nation free from Japanese autos, as most of the country's cars are from Japan. We're also curious to know how last week's nuclear deal with North Korea might affect this odd situation.

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[Source: The Sydney Morning Herald]

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