NASCAR: Jeff Gordon's car fails inspection

After Jeff Gordon won Thursday's second qualifying race in Daytona, his car failed a post-race inspection for riding too low. While NASCAR officials are not accusing Gordon or his team of cheating, it will cost him. Instead of starting Saturday's race in 4th position, Gordon will fight his way through 41 other cars if he wants to take the lead.
Autoweek quotes NASCAR vice-president of competition Robin Pemberton as saying, "The bolt on the shock fastener and the shock bracket itself were misaligned. It was unintentional because it would have been unsafe to intentionally build it like that. Give or take, it was about an inch too low. My experience through the years tells me this was unintentional. It would have taken different parts and pieces to do it intentionally."

Inspectors also found that the cars of Jimmie Johnson and, uh oh, Michael Waltrip measured lower than the allowed height after the race, but officials chalked up their infractions to damage suffered during the event.

At the end of Autoweek's article, they have some fun with this week's Daytona scandals, joking that the newest NASCAR official is Judge Judy and NASCAR's theme song is now "Your Cheating Part."

Sunday's race begins at 2 p.m.

[Source: Autoweek]

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