Mustang billboards blur background and their own point

click on above image for link to more pics of blurry Mustang billboards by Ian Hart

These Mustang billboards have popped up on the internet today thanks to a few advertising-related blogs that just don't get their point. The billboards are constructed from a semi-transparent resin that magically blur the scene behind them regardless of the weather. If you don't get it by now, they're supposed to give onlookers the sense of speed they would feel were they bombing down the road in a Mustang instead of their own daily driver. It's cute, but ad experts are blasting it pretty hard because of the tiny Mustang logo that appears in the lower right corner of each billboard. The logo is too small to notice at first glance, which pretty much means the billboard fails as an actual advertisement for the Mustang brand. The technology used to make the billboard, however, still has applications. For instance, take the slowest car you own and cover the windows in this semi-transparent resin. Bam, now no matter how slow you're going, it always looks fast from the inside.

Thanks for the tip, jcklope!

[Source: Adpunch]

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