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Ballard Signs $3 Million Deal For Fuel Cell Trams In China

Fully Charged covers electric lawnmowers in a new video. MotorTrend shaves time off Tesla Model S Ludicrous Mode's 0-60 time. Ballard signs $30 million deal to develop fuel cells for trams in China.

Ener1 has just added two new entries to its growing customer roster, and the products couldn't be much more different. Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has need of the company's EnerDel battery packs to power new buses while Toro, the lawnmower people, are seeking somewhat smaller units for, well, their lawnmowers.

Ariens Amp Rider electric mower - Click above to watch the video after the break

We have shown you DIY solar lawnmowers, Toro's biodiesel lawnmowers and tractors, John Deere's biofuel musings and ethanol mowers. Now, here is a story about a farmer who has converted his previously dino-powered tractors, mowers and various farming machinery into electric power. He charges them using solar panels, as well.

Granted, this has little if anything to do with automobiles, but I thought that our readers might enjoy the story anyway. We have covered solar cars and cars with solar assisted charging before, so it's close enough in my book! So, without further ado, here is the link that explains how one man made his own solar-charged electric lawnmower. Truth be told, I have an electric lawnmower already. I can't stand the cord and would have gotten a gasoline powered mower years ago if my yard were any larg