Can we solve global warming by giving everyone free Gas-X?

One of my personal favorite congressional wing-nuts is Dana Rohrabacher of California. Last week during a hearing on UN climate change report, he enlightened his colleagues with a possible explanation of period of global warming fifty-five million years ago when greenhouse gases in the atmosphere spiked upwards. So in the midst of his rambling monologue, what did Dana reveal as the possible cause of that spike? Dinosaur farts!
This could be a valid explanation of the current period of greenhouse gas increases. The rise of greenhouse gases correlates pretty well with a dramatic increase in the human population, and if there is one thing that all humans have in common, regardless of their other differences, it is gas! So let's just give everyone a free supply of simethicone, and the problem should go away. Follow the Read link to see the C-Span video clip.

[Source: ThinkProgress - thanks to Jules for the tip]

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