Hybrid drivers can still use car pool lanes in Arizona, Bi-fuels are SOL

A couple of weeks ago the state of California announced that they had run out of the special stickers needed by drivers of hybrid cars to use car-pool lanes when driving alone. Hybrid drivers are not completely out of luck though. Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano announced that some hybrid cars will now be allowed to use car pool lanes in her state. The pilot program will allow hybrids that get a forty-five percent increase in fuel efficiency ratings to use the high occupancy vehicle lanes even with only one occupant.
Under that standard, the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight and Civic hybrids are the only vehicles that currently qualify. As in California, interested drivers will need to get a special sticker from the state Department of Transportation. Only 10,000 vehicles will be allowed in the first phase of the program, and there are currently 9,000 eligible vehicles registered in Arizona. While hybrid drivers get to move into the car-pool lanes, drivers of bi-fuel vehicles will have to move back to the regular lanes. These are vehicles that can switch between multiple such as gasoline and natural gas.

[Source: State of Arizon via GreenCarCongress]

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