Richard Branson's quest to fund the extraction of greenhouse gases

"We have only our own ingenuity and we have no hope of a meaningful solution unless we find a way to work together. Necessity is the mother of invention." - Richard Branson

Virgin Empire giant Richard Branson is willing to put his money where his mouth is. Citing the Ansari X Prize as partial inspiration, Branson is offering a $25 million prize to the scientist who devises a system to significantly reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Al Gore joined Branson as the announcement was made. Gore, politician turned environmentalist, is the man behind the film, "An Inconvenient Truth", which focuses on mankind's contribution towards global warming. Recently, scientists sponsored by the United Nations published a report which in no uncertain terms indicated that global warming is real, and that man is at fault. The scientific group will publish their ideas on what to do about it later this year.

One east way to contribute to the cause yourself is to choose a fuel-efficient vehicle. We'll be here to help you do just that.


[Source: CNN]

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