Wired News chats with Greenfuel Technologies and their algae-based fuels

There is no earth-shattering news to report regarding this chat with Greenfuel Technologies, but it is nice to think of a future when renewable fuels will be generated from algae. In my humble opinion, algae presents the best hope for ethanol and biodiesel production, as it can be tailored for either. Why is it better than other options? Nobody eats algae, nobody likes algae, it grows wild, is easy to cultivate and it helps the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it grows. Plus, the yields are steadily increasing as scientists research new species and chains of algae.
When I grew up, we had a pond out back. It was almost impossible to keep the algae away. It would almost have made it worth it to cultivate it and turn it into fuel to cut the lawn, which was also a major pain. But, then we could have taken the grass clippings... all right, nevermind. You get the idea. Using materials that are already in abundant supply and are not earmarked for another purpose could mean a great future for the biofuel industry.

[Source: Wired News]

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