Chicago Auto Show: Road Race Suzuki SX-4

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Suzuki didn't even bother holding a press conference at the Chicago Auto Show this year, but the little car company that could loves to tune its cars for us, and a new one was present at McCormick Place. The Road Race SX4 was dialed in by the well-known craftsmen at Road Race Motorsports in Santa Fe, CA. Based on the 5-door SX4, this tuner car features a Road Race SRI intake system, a piggyback ECU to eek out a few more horsepower from the car's 2.0L four-cylinder, a catback exhaust and aftermarket pulley system. The car sits atop sport springs from Road Race and front and rear anti-roll bars keep thing in check. The SX-4's all-wheel drive is also now tasked with rotating a set of 18-inch Enkei NTO+3 wheels wrapped in Toyo rubber. The car's exterior, meanwhile, is awash in a two-tone paint job. The roof racks have been deleted for a smoother look, though a Carbontrix front sport lip and vented carbon fiber hood were added to up its street cred. The interior benefits from a Carbontrix shift known and Suzuki's own Suzuki Workds Techno fiber trim kit.

With the tuning scene dying down a bit, the purpose of an exercise like the Road Race Suzuki SX-4 may be called in question, but we doubt Suzuki cares.

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