Texas governor REALLY wants coal gassification plant

The US Department of Energy is looking for a site for their FutureGen demonstration power-plant project, and Texas Governor Rick Perry really, really wants it to be built in Texas. Perry has committed $20 million of state funds to the project, to help make it happen. The experimental plant is intended to gasify a variety of different fossil fuels and then use that to produce 275 megawatts of power. The other major part of the plant that is new is carbon sequestration to minimize the emissions coming from the plant. The plant is expected to eventually capture as much 1 million tons per year of carbon dioxide for underground storage. As part of the incentive package the state assumed liability for any issues associated with the carbon transportation and storage.
One of the reasons that Texas wants the $1 billion plant is because of a current debate over building 11 new coal fired power plants that are needed to meet the state's future power demands. Environmental impact studies of the proposed sites in Texas and Illinois are due to be completed by July 30, with site selection completed by September.

[Source: Weatherford Democrat via TreeHugger]

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