Where's the R? Volvo's R-badged offerings dwindle

When Volvo releases their new V70 sedan and wagon, customers won't get the choice of a hotted-up version sporting an 'R' on the boot lid. Volvo decided that the T6 provides adequate thrust for the Swedish saloon and, contrary to rumors, won't be equipping the V70 with the Yamaha-developed 325 HP V8, found in the XC90.

However, since Volvo normally limits its R-badged offerings to two, the lack of a V70R and the discontinuation of the S60R will allow other vehicles to benefit from some of the power and handling tweaks associated with the moniker.

The first on the list is a C30R, likely equipped with all-wheel-drive and 250 HP, so it can bring the pain to the A3s and GTIs that populate that hot hatch segment. The second offering may be an S40R, whose engine bay was specifically designed to fit the 281 HP, T6 engine.

The last possibility is a S80R, which may come equipped with a 4.4-liter V8, however the transmission currently available might not be up to the task of handling close to 400 HP.

One dark spot in the Autocar article is the idea that the R badge may be nixed altogether. We doubt it, but time will tell.

[Source: Autocar]

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