SunBio displays "plug and play" biodiesel machine in San Antonio

With the "plug and play" phrase attached to SunBio Systems' new biodiesel machine, on display at National Biodiesel Conference and Expo currently happening in San Antonio, you'd almost think it connected to your computer. Or perhaps it's a simple, homebrew biodiesel-making solution. But, no. What SunBio's new modular biodiesel system is is a 15ft high by 28ft long and 14ft deep machine that sets up on 3-5 days and has a computer-controlled automation system. I can't tell if this system is any of the ones described on SunBio's website (which range in annual production capability from 31,000 to 6.2 million gallons a year) or a new model.
Universities, biodiesel producers and farms have purchased SunBio systems, which meet the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards for quality fuel, to make their biodiesel. Anything that makes producing this biofuel locally an easier prospect is a step in the right direction.

[Source: SunBio Systems, Inc.]

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